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I'm 23, earned my undergrad in Psychology. I love to socialize and have fun, play video games and listen to music. I work two bartending jobs and also enjoy partying like everyone else!
Never regret your past, it is what made you who you are. Just look at it with a smile, and move forward..

— (via imsimplysansan)

They say true love never ends

We said it was true love
Magical love
Heavenly love
One love
Our love

But it ended
We ended
Our love ended

And now we’re just two strangers in two different cities.

— Accepting reality,
Jae (via dreamoutloud729)

What do you say when you’re not enough to make someone stay? What do you do when you meet the love of your life and realize it’s all about timing? How do you accept that no matter how perfect you are for each other, circumstances get in the way? How do you compete with that kind of fate?

— Kate Kacvinsky (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

67 Cheap Date Ideas ↘


1. Browse the local farmers’ market.
2. Go on a picnic. All you need is a blanket, fruit, sausage, cheese, crackers and water.
3. Fly a kite.
4. Enjoy a romantic home-cooked meal.
5. Cook dinner together.
6. Go apple picking.
7. Give a massage.
8. Go to the beach.
9. Attend an open-air festival.
10. See an art-house movie matinee.

But now we just stare at each other, burying whatever feeling that was.

— Childish Gambino, What Kind of Love (via k—swan)

You’re worth it. I don’t think you get that. You’re worth it to me.

— Kiera Cass, The One (via quotes-shape-us)